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Responsible Tourism in the UK

The UK is one of the most popular tourist destinations globally in 2022. Travellers usually head to the most famous spots in the UK, which leads to particular destinations becoming extremely crowded. Tourism is on the rise again, and people need to be aware of responsible tourism more than ever.

What is Responsible Tourism?

Responsible tourism refers to the responsibility of tourists and locals to ensure sustainable tourism. Responsible tourists make themselves an active part of the community and strive to reduce the negative environmental, economic, and social impacts of tourism on the community. A responsible tourist makes decisions based on the long-term benefits of the local community.

How to Be a Responsible Tourist in the UK

Avoid Crowds

The first thing you can do to be a responsible tourist in the UK is stay away from the crowds. Skip your plans to visit bigger cities when you see overcrowding. There are beautiful smaller port cities like Southampton, Windsor, East Sussex, etc., that you can visit. The summer months are not a good time to visit the beaches of Cornwall or the Tower of London because these areas are flooded with tourists during this time.

Support the Local Economy

Try purchasing locally-made things such as gifts or souvenirs. Eat from local restaurants to promote local culture and economy. To keep it simple, try doing everything locally, be it shopping, hoteling, etc. This way, you can support these businesses and play your part as an active member of the local community.

A Local Restaurant in Southampton

Use Local Transport

Try to travel through local transport like metro, buses, and taxis. Hire taxi services to go to tourist spots to avoid overcrowding in local transport services. Go Comfort provides comfortable taxi service in Southampton and many cities in the UK. We also provide taxi service from Southampton to Heathrow and Gatwick. To make it easier, you can now book a ride online.

Act Like a Local

They say, “When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.” It seems like the old Romans were the pioneers of responsible tourism! It goes the same way for the UK. Try to adhere to the local dress code. Learn the basics of the UK’s culture before you travel and act the same way when you’re here.  

Be Positive in Your Attitude

Always be polite. You are an ambassador of your country when you travel to other places. Your behaviour is an embodiment of your homeland’s culture.

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