Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Southampton is a port that’s located between the banks of the Rivers Itchen and Test and has one of the biggest natural harbours in the world. Until the late 1930s, it was probably England’s busiest port for international passenger travel, and enormous liners such as Queen Mary were constructed in its local shipyards.

Southampton harbour

If you’re planning to visit Southampton soon, here are some of the popular tourist destinations you should explore:

Medieval Walls of the City

One of the best sights in Southampton is its medieval walls built in the 14th-century – it’s the 3rd longest unbroken city wall in England and is also the home of Wind Whistle Tower. The Southampton’s last medieval church is St. Michael’s located on the Castle Way, which was built during the eleventh century and contained Tournai marble’s font and Norman relics. You can find several fun-guided tours of the ancient walls at affordable rates.

Roads and public transport in Southampton

Tudor Garden and House

The glorious Tudor house located in St. Michael’s Square was constructed in the 15th century for the services of a wealthy family. Now it’s a museum that displays relics from the Edwardian and Victorian eras, as well as occasional exhibitions comprising over nine centuries of national history.

Tourists can avail free auditory guides while enjoying the renovated kitchens and various artifacts, including Victorian and Georgian jewelry, and archaeological artifacts from the Tudor and medieval periods.

A café and shop are situated on the same premises, and regular learning opportunities and events are available for visitors.

The Medieval House of the Merchant

Another beautiful classic old house for tourists to go to is the famous Medieval Merchant House located in French Street, just about a short distance from the centre of the city. Constructed in 1290, the historic house is now fully renovated and is one of the few surviving historical relics of its type.

Highlights of the visit to the house may include an exhibition of period wall hangings and furniture and antique architectural flourishes, which offer an interesting insight into the lives of a rich family living in the 13thcentury.

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