Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

From museums to cultural attractions, Southampton is rich in history and beautiful views. It’s one of Europe’s most significant cruise ports through which millions of cruise visitors pass every year.

There are plenty of interesting things to look at in these old towns such as medieval walls and historic houses.

The Southampton port itself is a gateway to the fascinating New Forest and the Hampshire countryside. With a variety of places to visit and things to see near the port, the following are some of the things that every cruise visitor must look out for in Southampton.

Walking Through the Old City Walls

At a short distance from the port, there are medieval city walls that encircle the whole town and were constructed to protect the town against the sea.

You can relive the history by walking through these old city walls and seeing the arcades that were formed as the entrance to the warehouses. These warehouses were used to store wine barrels.

Besides that, you can walk on the top of these walls for a perfect view of the beach, this spot was famous for sunbathing during the 18th century.

Moreover, guided tours of the wall are offered during weekends that start from the Bargate. You can also collect a self-guided walk leaflet from The Tudor House.

Experience the History at The Tudor House

If you’re looking for different things to do in Southampton’s Old Quarter, we’d recommend you walk towards the Tudor House which is a short distance from the cruise port.

This place dates back to the 15th century. There’s an audio guide present there who takes you through all the rooms of the house uncovering Southampton’s history over the decades.

In addition to that, there’s a beautiful Tudor knot garden, breathtaking views from above the city walls, a glass-sided café with a garden view, and a kitchen that includes all the food items that Tudors would’ve enjoyed.

If you’re a fan of discovering more historic places then you may checkout the nearby Merchant’s House that’s designed, furnished, and preserved exactly like how it would’ve been in the Middle Ages.

Shop Your Heart Out

If you’re a shopaholic, this is an ideal place for you. You can shop from all your favorite international brands that are available to you in one place at the West Quay shopping mall which is located in the heart of Southampton.

Some of the famous brands available there include John Lewis and Marks & Spencer. Other than that, there are plenty of stores ranging from fashion, technology, and lifestyle along with cafes and restaurants.

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