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Who doesn’t look forward to a relaxing holiday that would calm your mind and take away all the exhaustion? But before that happens, there’s that packing nightmare to go through first!

There’s never enough time and never enough space to put everything in your suitcase.

Of course, preparation way before is the key! If you’re prepared early on, you can skip past packing in a super stressful state.

Here are some common mistakes that people do when packing for a trip.

Over Packing

The dreadful, dreadful ordeal!

By far, over packing is the most common packing mistake that almost everyone does. You have to think clearly before you pack your things away.

Question yourself: will you be using those trousers that you haven’t worn in the last two years? Avoid packing any clothing articles that you don’t plan on donning throughout your trip.

Not Making a List

Are you one of those people that completely make a mental list and then trust your brain not to mess it up? Well, guess what: your brain is a fickle organ.

You’d most certainly forget something if you don’t write it down. Make a list of everything you have to take with you: from your toothbrush, face wash, hand cream to your underwear, clothes, and gadgets.

Not Checking the Weather Beforehand

Never plan a trip without first knowing the kind of weather you’d be having there.

You don’t want to go in with a bag full of useless clothes. Weather can be pretty unpredictable and so it’s always recommended to check the forecast before going on the trip. Or you could always pack in a mix of clothes in case you do end up in a bad weather situation.

Rolling the Clothes Up

Do you roll your clothes and put them in your bag? Rolling means more wrinkles, and not much space-saving either. Folding the clothes is the way to go.

Organise everything into categories and pack them up.


Your shoes should always be at the bottom of your luggage and don’t just put them there. Always put shoes in a shoe bag or some other bag before putting them in to avoid your clothes getting dirty.

And, don’t put in more than three pairs of shoes either. Less is always more when it comes to packing.

Delaying it Till the Last Minute

Another common mistake. If you leave packing for the last minute, you’re going to stress yourself and forget something essential that you wouldn’t have if you had just packed earlier. You should be relaxed when packing to ensure you don’t forget stuff.

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