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Back seat of an airport taxi in Hampshire

Booking from the right taxi service in Hampshire is the best way to ensure you have a comfortable ride. Here are three additional tips that can make your ride a smoother experience for you.

Always Sit In The Back Seat

Many first-time taxi travellers and tourists make the mistake of sitting in the front seat. This can increase your risk of injuries in case of an accident. Research suggests that sitting in the back seat can minimize the risk of severe injuries in an accident. Sitting in the back seat also limits exposure to direct sunlight, which is the major cause of skin-related diseases like skin cancer.

The back seat ride is also often less bumpy than the front seat—and, of course, putting on a seat belt will make your taxi ride even smoother and safer.

Double Check the Driver and Taxi

If you’re booking a taxi through some ride-sharing app, we recommend matching the driver’s information to the information available on the app. Ensure that the driver has the same facial features and name as mentioned on the ride-sharing app. You can also ask the driver to show their identification document before getting into the car.

Also, match the license plate, model, and colour to minimize the chances of any safety threat. If you travel alone a lot, make checking a habit. For extra safety, please take a picture of the number plate and share it with a friend so you have less to worry about.

Avoid Ride-Sharing Apps When You Can

Ride-sharing companies act as intermediaries between you and the driver. These companies aren’t associated with the driver any more than with you. They have little information about them that those drivers provide themselves. A rating system is the only system they have to keep their drivers from doing anything foul. However, just because a driver hasn’t done anything bad yet, doesn’t mean they won’t do it in the future.

Private hire vehicle services have professionally trained drivers who care about the company’s reputation. A PHV driver is far less likely to give sub-par service than a stranger from a ride-sharing app. PHV services also own all their vehicles. You get nothing short of what they promise.

An executive taxi in Southampton

At the end of the day, the taxi service you choose determines every aspect of your experience. Put your mind at ease by hiring a premier Southampton taxi with Go Comfort. We also specialize in Southampton cruise transfer.

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