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Online taxi services, like the ones offered by Go Comfort, have become extremely popular nowadays. In times when everything is shifting to a digital platform, online taxi services have revolutionised the UK taxi industry.

With the demand for affordable transportation options skyrocketing, online taxi services have become extremely popular. However, some myths stop people from making use of these services. This blog will debunk some common online taxi service myths. Keep reading to explore more.

Myth # 1: Online Taxi Services Charge More

Fact: Most Online Taxi Services Offer Fixed Prices and Flexible Payment Options

Most people think that booking a premium taxi online can cost more than hailing a random taxi on the street. However, that’s not true in most cases. If you work smartly and avoid travelling during rush hours, you can get a pretty good deal with online taxi services.

Plus, you have the option to pay by cash or card, which you don’t get when travelling in a regular cab. You can even enjoy fixed prices at some places.

Myth # 2: The Vehicles aren’t Well-Maintained

Fact: Most Taxi Companies Have a Fleet of Premium Vehicles

Another common misconception is that online taxi services don’t maintain their cars, which is not true. Most companies have an impressive fleet of cars, and they maintain them regularly as they are responsible for passenger safety and health.

As a transportation company, it’s their responsibility to maintain their vehicles properly, which is why most of their cars are a lot more maintained and clean than any regular taxi.

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Myth # 3: Online Taxi Services aren’t Safe

Fact: Online Taxi Services are as Safe as any Other Taxi

Most people think that online taxi services will not provide the required level of security, which isn’t true. Most companies ensure the highest standards of customer care and safety, which you can’t get when you ride a regular taxi.  

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