Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Woman with a suitcase at an airport
Things to Pack for a Long Layover

Sometimes people book flights with layovers to save money, while others are stuck at the airport without their choice. Long layovers are exhausting and annoying, and they become even more daunting if it’s a busy airport like Heathrow airport.

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A happy traveller
How Early Should I Get to the Airport? A Detailed Guide

With summer travel in full swing, airports worldwide have become busier than ever. If you’re following the news, you must’ve read how crazy the situation is nowadays at the airports. Increased demand and staffing shortages are causing logjams, longer layovers, cancelled flights, and huge delays. During these times, it’s essential to leave early enough to have time to check your bags, make it through security queues, and grab some snacks before boarding.

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Woman at Heathrow airport
What to Do at Heathrow Airport?

Heathrow airport is the biggest airport in Europe, and staying here for a layover allows you to explore all the amenities it has to offer. You can roam around the airport or head out to the city for an impromptu London trip. Each terminal at this airport has unique facilities such as restaurants, cafes, spas, international brands, book shops, and cosy lounges.

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