Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom


1.1. If you wish to book a taxi, minicab, minibus through this website, you must agree to the terms below as the exclusive basis which governs such booking and must tick the “I agree to Gocomfort Terms and Conditions”


2.1. In making a booking via this Website You must provide accurate details and are responsible for any failure to do so.
You hereby warrant to Go Comfort that you are at least eighteen years of age and legally able to make the Booking.
2.3. Your details and data relating to your use of the website will be recorded by, but your personal data shall not, subject to the provisions of the book Go Comfort.


3.1. It is your responsibility to ensure that Your Details are correct. When you make a booking, this constitutes an offer which Go Comfort may or may not accept. Your booking is not confirmed until you see the confirmation screen on the website.
3.2. In the event, you need to amend or correct a booking you must contact Go Comfort directly.
3.3. For bookings that are to be pre-paid by card, Go Comfort is entitled to collect all monies due for the booked trip from you acting entirely in its own right, and settle all card costs of the booked trip, in advance of making the payment due for the booked trip
4.1. If booking with the ‘pay by card’ option, you agree to pay the fare at the time you make your booking. If booking with the ‘pay by cash’ option, you agree to pay the fare to the driver. If booking with the ‘BACS’ option, you agree to pay the Fare to the Go Comfort bank account. If booking with the ‘credit balance’ option, you agree to pay the fare to Go Comfort nominated bank account.
4.2. Once you have confirmed your booking on the payment screen, it cannot be cancelled or changed
4.3. If paying by card, in the event that your card payment is refused by Your Card issuer for whatever reason, Go Comfort will not be able to fulfil your booking.
4.4. Go Comfort will provide you with a receipt for Payment by email to the email address you registered with the booking.
4.5. Payment will not cover any extra requirements you request (such as child seats, congestion charge, Airport dropping-off fee). If you do not indicate any additional luggage when booking, resulting in a larger size vehicle being required, then you’ll be charge extra, which you must pay them directly for. If you wish to give a tip to the driver, you should do so directly at your own discretion.
4.6. In the event that you make any deviations from the route that you entered into the website, you may be subject to additional charges in respect thereof and will make such payment directly to the driver.
4.7. Waiting time – Pick up from resident address 15 minutes free of charge, then £5 every 15 minutes. Airport pick up 30 minutes free of charge then £5 every 15 minutes.


5.1. Cancellations fee is 5% and must be made by you using our website: -Till 1 an hour before journey -Before our driver is despatched (long journey)
5.2. No refund will be made, if you cancel your booking 2 hours before the booking journey starts.


6.2. Passengers are not permitted to take alcoholic drinks onto the vehicles for the purpose of consuming them during the Trip.
6.3. The PH Operator further reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


7.1. The PH Operator shall not undertake the carriage or delivery of:
7.2. Money or securities, antiques, precious metals, furs, or jewellery or value, any goods or property (of whatsoever nature) of an intrinsic value of more than £50.
7.3. Any goods or property of a hazardous, dangerous, inflammable, explosive or noxious nature, or are illegal to possess under existing English Law, and/or


8.1. Go Comfort will maintain the confidentiality of personal data collected as part of making a booking. This data will not be shared with third parties without your consent.